Hello, we are Ana and Gala

Welcome to OILAND - our aromatic world full of love and gratefulness to the nature.

Imagine how beautiful is that in our world of high technologies knowing that the product you’ve purchased was made by a living person thinking of you and every ingredient from the bottom to the top was chosen according to your needs.

This is what we do in OILAND, it is what we believe in. Each bottle of the personal blend is unique, it’s a creative process, a union of NATURE, ART and SCIENCE.

Every drop is for you and about you.


Anastasiia Titova MIFPA Clinical Aromatherapist

  • Institute of Intergrative Studies. Aromatherapy face-lift massage (USA)
  • Craniosacral therapy level 1 (Bali)
  • Academy of Craniosacral Therapy (Moscow)
  • Essential oil academy.
    Aromatherapy certification Level 1 (USA)
  • T. Colin Campbell Center of Nutrition Studies. Plant-based nutrition
  • The School of Aromatic Studies (ex New York institute of Aromatic studies).  Clinical aromatherapy certification Level 2 (USA)
  • Tisserand Institute. Essential oils Fundamental chemistry and Molecular Dynamics.
  • Natural Perfume Academy. Natural Botanical Perfumery Nine Month Intensive Course by Justine Crane.

The aromatic story began in my childhood years in Belarus, when I was spending hours, days and weeks with my grandfather. He had three big passions: herbs, drawing and crystals.

During summers and autumns we were collecting and drying flowers and herbs for my herbarium and his teas. Winters and springs were for discussions about herb’s properties and making plans for the new season coming.
Starting late teenage ages I spent traveling between continents, working in fashion industry. 13 magic years of discovering new cultures, new foods, flavors, aromas.

In 2009 I found myself drawing again and making collages. I worked in Jakarta that time. It was a beginning of a totally new period. Back then I couldn’t even think of that I will stay in Indonesia for so many years. And that the process of creating collages, creating something whole, a story from numerous random details will take me to aromatherapy and natural perfumery years later.

In 2012, after moving from Jakarta to Bali, for the first time I stepped into the aromatherapy world by passing a course of face-lift aromatherapy massage.
From 2012 until 2018 meanwhile still working as a collages artist, I kept experimenting with essential oils. It was a time for myself, a little aromatic kingdom, a long lasting secret.

In 2017 I met Gala. We worked together in another beautiful project dedicated to plant-based food. Traveled a lot searching for new flavors inspirations, became friends. Gala was the first person except Niko, my husband, who tried blends, our future personal blends. Soon after that she left to States. She travelled with blends and used them in different continents and climates. States, Russia, Thailand. One day Gala called. She said: “Ana, Ive got the name! OILAND. We have to do it”.

End of 2018 OILAND was born. Gala brought from States a first batch of purest essential oils. I got certified as aromatherapy practitioner Level 1. At the beginning we were focusing mainly on personal skin care, holistic approach. We truly believe that each one of us is unique.

In 2019 I found myself willing to go further, to work more with scents and emotions. This is when our OILAND aromatherapy line appeared.

In 2021 got certified as clinical aromatherapist Level 2. My final work dedicated to Personal Approach in Aromatherapy was published in international quarterly e-magazine Aromatika (Summer 2021 issue).

And all this time learning and practicing aromatherapy I keep thinking about the perfumes. Reading books, trying to play with absolutes (OILAND perfume line was launched mid 2020), gardening the ingredients and dreaming. I thought of perfumes which kept the plants soul and energy, trigger positive emotions, evoking memories.

March 2021 started my 9 months aromatic journey in Academy of Natural Perfumes with Justine Crane. At the moment of writing this text, I am in in process of creating a final work.

To be continued…

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