The Art of Aromatherapy


Natural Perfumes
At OILAND, our philosophy is rooted in a holistic customized approach to treat both your mind and your body. We create unique aromatic combinations to awaken emotions, touch the soul, to heal. Our mission is to optimize nature’s actives to bring you effective curative and sensorial remedies.
SCIENCE + ART + NATURE, where every drop matters.
100% Pure
Heart chakra roller
Love and compassion, 10ml
Protection and balance during the day, 30ml
OILAND Serenity Mode with Clear Quartz
Fears and anxiety relief, 5ml

Every person is unique and it's proven by science.

Our facial skin readily broadcasts the state of our physical and emotional health which is a special combination of genetic, diet, microbiome, environmental and hereditary factors. The multiple systems that form our body are all interconnected and that makes us complicated, our reactions different.

Our philosophy
At OILAND we stand for conscious minimalism.
Our philosophy is inclusive, and our products do not define our users by gender, ethnicity, age, or lifestyle. We celebrate your uniqueness. We choose the personal approach.
Our mission is to move together towards a more conscious consumption. We aim to streamline your skin care routine with an ideal proposal of three or four products that will not only perfectly compliment all your skin needs but also elevate your emotional and physical state.
Skin care
Customized solutions for glowing, flawless skin. We work with your...
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Skin care sets
Our special selections for your skin care regimen
Aroma + Crystals
The more we understand and feel crystals and stones the...
Aroma Rollers
Emotional day-to-day balance We Live. We Breathe. We Feel. The...
Oiland Chakrarollers
Chakra rollers
Energy day-to-day balance. In Sanskrit, the word “chakra” means “disk”...
Oiland natural perfume
Natural perfumes
Fragrance signature blends Every OILAND oil perfume has a little...
For Mama
For mama
Restored and full of energy mama - happy baby. OILAND...
Men selection
Fragrances and aromatherapy for him
Oiland yoga
Every yoga mat needs an extra care
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Small details for a greener world
OILAND was created by Anastasiia Titova and Galina Obraztzova in 2018.
Every OILAND product is designed by certified clinical aromatherapist, member of International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

Every OILAND aromatic bottle produced in Ubud (Bali, Indonesia), most of the processes are handmade "drop by drop" and we keep this as long as possible, because human energy and love are essential.