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Any of your choice from collection, 5ml/ each


Emotions are present in every moment of our daily lives. Different emotions can last anywhere from seconds to hours or days. The ability to regulate them is priceless for your health and well-being.
We call our aroma rollers an Emotional Aid Kit. They are able to set up the desired mode in seconds.

Wake up mode with Red Jasper

    •  – focus and concentration

Smile mode with Black Obsidian

    •  – cheerfulness and brightness

Bloom mode with Green Aventurine

    •  – feminine energy, lightness and creativity

Love mode with Tiger’s Eye

    •  – passion, warmth and sensuality

Inspiration mode with Green Aventurine

    •  – mental clarity, creativity and awakening

Exhale mode with Gray Agate

    •  – emotional release and relaxation

Serenity mode with Clear Quartz

    •  – fears and anxiety relief

Grounding mode with White Turquoise

    •  – inner peace and self-confidence

Health mode with Bloodstone

    •  – immune system boost

Sleep mode with Amethyst

    •  -deep sleep and effective recovery

Welcome mode with Sodalite

    • -Self-acceptance and confidence

Happiness mode with Jade

    – comfort, harmony and joy

Choose yours…

For your convenience to carry aroma rollers in the purse during the day we designed a stylish canvas pouch.

Volume: 5 ml

How to use:
Roll onto pulse points on the wrists, gently rub and make few deep breaths to set up the mode. Take a moment and observe your state.

Create your mood!

Choose any 4 aroma rollers in your first aid kit, just indicate them in the comments when placing an order.

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