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Grounding Mode with White Turquoise AROMA ROLLER

Inner peace and self-confidence, 5ml


Inner peace and self-confidence assistant. Relaxing, woody and earthy “Grounding” aroma roller is here to help start listening yourself, making own decisions and being here in the present.

Sage – self-awareness, emotional healing, balance
Palo Santo – relaxation, connection, peacefulness, purification
Clary Sage – self-awareness, positive states
Galbanum – meditation, relaxation, purification, protection
Sandalwood – creativity, emotional healing, meditation, self-esteem, self-image
Cedarwood – self-confidence, relaxation, positivity, concentration, meditation, focus
Ginger – emotional healing, concentration, happiness, positive states
Orange – concentration, confidence, joy, self-image

Paired with White Turquoise, a strengthening stone, promoter of self-realizations, consciousness expander.

Sweet almond oil, sage, palo santo, clary sage, galbanum, sandalwood, cedarwood, ginger, orange essential oils.

Volume: 5 ml

How to use:
Roll onto pulse points on the wrists, gently rub and make few deep breaths to set up the mode. Take a moment and observe your state.

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Grounding Mode with White Turquoise AROMA ROLLER

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