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We write about beauty, self-care and nature, about what inspires us every day and, of course, about oils and the beautiful island of Bali.


Essential oils to support immunity in the fall

In autumn, we most often feel a breakdown and fatigue, together with nature, the body begins to rebuild itself for rest and peace. At the same time, it is in the fall that the peak of work, study loads ...
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Rose quartz, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli. Properties and application

We use stone rollers in our energy rollers. Their action is aimed at a deep study of attitudes and internal blocks, they can even be perceived as a means of self-knowledge.
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Lavender essential oil

If you have ever seen a lavender field with your own eyes, you will never forget this magical feeling. With an unforgettable aroma and rich purple color, lavender fields attract people from all over the world - there are even special "Lavender Tours" in the tourist world. Does everyone really care only about the external attractiveness of this extraordinary plant? Of course not.
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Essential oils of aphrodisiacs

How much time and effort did the alchemists spend to create the elixir of love! But it was created by nature long ago - these are essential oils of aphrodisiacs
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How to improve complexion

A dull complexion is one of the most common complaints among girls, especially residents of metropolitan areas. Moreover, a grayish skin tone is not always associated with age. Dark circles under the eyes, the face looks tired even in the morning - we have collected the most common causes and simple solutions at home.
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